As Traditional ARPU declines, FreedomPop possesses monetization capabilities proven to perform in multiple markets



Share of paid users for freemium services (% total users) - Average: 26%


How it Works

  1. Performance Basis and No Percentage of Spend

    • Give us a test budget and your target CPA. We only make money if we beat your CPA.

  2. No Long Term Commitment or Contracts

    • We only need a month or two to drive results. If we do not, then you can end the partnership.

  3. Only Small Test Budget Needed

    • Unlike most agencies, we only need a small initial test budget to get started.

  4. No Need to Replace Your Existing Agency or Team

    • We work within the constraints of your marketing programs and resources.


Delivering Proven Results to maximize revenue per subscription

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Encourage your subscribers to spend more by intelligently recommending a higher priced alternative of the current consideration. 

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Significantly increase your customer LTV and average order value by recommending your subscribers to buy complimentary products in different product categories.

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Retain subscribers by leveraging machine learning capability to identify highest probably of churn and drive meaningful offers to ensure subscribers are retained